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The Belgian financial sector, encompassing banking, insurance, asset management, and fintech, is characterized by an ongoing quest for efficiency and adaptation to global economic shifts. However, amid this dynamism, companies in the financial sector face significant recruitment challenges.

High demand for skilled professionals in finance, risk management, compliance, and fintech leads to tough competition for top talent. Recruitment in the financial sector in Belgium requires a deep understanding of local and international regulations, as well as anticipation of emerging trends such as the digitalization of financial services.

Our expertise

Our approach to recruiting finance professionals goes beyond traditional methods. Using advanced digital tools, we find the right people who have the perfect skills and ideas that match your company's vision.

Whether you seek a visionary financial analyst, a digital finance marketing specialist, or a strategic financial consultant, we comprehend the unique goals and responsibilities of each position. Our commitment is to present you with a carefully selected group of candidates who not only possess the technical skills but also bring a fresh perspective to elevate your financial team.


Our Finance consultants team

Our finance consultants specialise in recruiting talent in the financial sector in Belgium. We have proven expertise in identifying competent professionals for positions in accounting, asset management or insurance.

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Our expertise in recruitment

We recruit on behalf of:

  • Fiduciary
  • FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods)
  • Family Office
  • Industry
  • Consulting & Audit Firms
  • Services
  • Trust & Domiciliation
  • Fintech

Our references

Roles for which we recruit:


Chief Financial Officer, Management Controller, M&A Director, Internal/External Audit, Risk Management, Consolidation, ...


Accountant, Accounting Assistant, Data Entry Operator,...

Treasury, Credit Management & Consolidation

Treasurer, Consolidation Specialist, Credit Manager, Collection Manager, Credit Analyst, …

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