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In the heart of Europe, Belgium's IT & Digital sector is a thriving hub known for its dynamic and forward-thinking approach. As businesses continue to evolve in the digital era, the demand for skilled IT professionals has surged.

Our recruitment agency specializes in the tech sector, connecting top-notch IT talent with companies seeking specific expertise. Whether you are a candidate looking for an exciting opportunity or a company looking to enhance your team, our consultants can help you navigate the IT sector in Belgium.

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Our expertise

Leveraging our extensive expertise in the IT & Digital sector, we are able to meet the recruitment requirements of our clients, considering both geographical and cultural nuances. Proficient in sourcing international talent, we specialize in filling permanent, freelance and interim management positions for key roles within Belgium.

Our consultants are committed to deliver personalized, innovative services tailored to meet the companies' specific requirements. This includes advice, ongoing support, innovative solutions, and the use of cutting-edge sourcing technologies to secure the finest talents in the industry.


Our specialised team in IT recruitment in Belgium

Our consultants are experts in recruiting talent within the IT & Digital sector, both in Belgium and internationally. With a demonstrated proficiency, we excel in pinpointing skilled professionals for roles in the tech industry, coupled with a thorough comprehension of the unique challenges within this sector in the country.

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Our expertise in recruitment

Our IT recruitment experts work for:

  • SMEs, ETIs, large companies undertaking digital and IT transformations
  • Technology companies, cybersecurity, software development, telecommunications
  • Cloud service providers
  • IT Consulting firms, service providers (ESNs), manufacturers and integrators
  • Companies in the finance and banking industry
  • Companies in the digital health sector
  • Companies in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology sector
  • Software publishers
  • Digital agencies (data, search marketing, e-marketing, mobile, social media, retargeting, ad exchange etc.)
  • E-commerce/marketplaces
  • Start-ups

Our references

Roles for which we recruit:

IT Project &
Program Management


Cloud Computing

Cloud Engineer, Azure System Engineer, AWS Cloud Engineer, …

Data & Analytics

Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Architect, Machine Learning Engineer, Chief Data Officer, Data Manager, Data Analytics Manager, Business Intelligence Analyst, ...

Software Development

Microsoft Software Development (.net), OpenSource Software (Java, PHP, Python), Web Designer, Web Project Manager, Front-End, Back-End, FullStack, …


Growth Hackers, SEO/SEA/SEM Manager, Acquisition Managers, …

Data & CRM

Campaign Managers, Datamining, CRM Consultants, Data Scientists, Web Analytics, Traffic Management, ...


Art Directors, Web Designers, UI Designers, …

User Experience

UX Managers, Customer Experience Managers, ...


Web Editors, Digital Designers, Content Managers, …


System Engineer, Network Engineer, Project manager,...

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