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Morgan Philips Executive Search Belgium can offer you guidance and assistance in recruiting experts and managers in Belgium. Our consultants specialise in diverse industries and are experts in direct approach. Using cutting-edge methods, including social networks, they are dedicated to helping you recruit the ideal candidate to meet your needs.

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Recruitment of experts and top management in Belgium

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Real time access to the best available skills & profiles in the market to increase your competitiveness

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Support on your internal and external talent management strategy

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Competency mapping to help you understand and develop the distribution of talents in the market

What sets us apart?

Our team of headhunters collaborates closely with your company to define your needs, the optimal methods to unearth the finest talent and convince the selected profile to join your team.

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Our methodology in 7 steps:

When you assign us a direct approach mission, your designated headhunter oversees the entire process, encompassing the formulation of the job brief, market mapping, research, talent selection and evaluation, to the smooth integration of these individuals into your teams.

Within our executive search team, we assess the personality, potential, and skills of talents using scientifically recognised tools. Our goal is to provide you with a deeper understanding of your future collaborators, enabling you to map effective integration and development plans.

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Innovative Sourcing techniques

The most exceptional profiles of experts and executive leaders are often found within the hidden job market, where individuals might not actively apply for positions. We have to identify and contact these talents to present them compelling opportunities to attract their interest. This is why Morgan Philips Executive Search has revolutionized the sourcing process. Our ambition is to engage with the entire pool of potential candidates for each mission.

A global database

accessible at any time to our consultants

Club 5000

a unique community of experts who recommend talent through their extensive networks

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Digital tools

to leverage the networks of our consultants and experts and enhance the visibility of our searches

Our areas of expertise

Our headhunters at your service

Backed by an experienced and qualified team, our Executive Search agency helps its clients to find and retain the best talent in Belgium.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is executive search and what does it consist in?

Executive search is a recruitment technique for strategic positions within a company. Also known as "headhunting", this method involves identifying, approaching and recruiting professionals who may match the profile sought.

Unlike traditional recruitment, which is based on publishing job vacancies and analysing the CVs received, headhunting focuses on identifying passive candidates who are not actively looking for a job, but whose experience and skills match those sought for the position.

What are the advantages of working with a headhunter?

The headhunter has in-depth experience and knowledge of the associated professions, the market and the trends in the sector. Through this experience, the consultant also has access to an extensive network of specialised professionals. As a result, they have access to passive candidates who perfectly match the profile they are looking for.

For the client company, using a headhunter also saves time and effort in the recruitment process. The consultant in charge of finding the ideal profile contacts the candidates, presents them with the offer, takes references and negotiates the contract. All the client company has to do is choose from among the selected candidates and conduct a few additional interviews if it so wishes.

A headhunter may also be required if the company needs to recruit discreetly and confidentially.

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