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Nestled in the heart of Europe, Belgium has emerged as a key player in the global Life Sciences landscape, boasting a dynamic and thriving ecosystem that spans pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and healthcare. Renowned for its commitment to research and development, Belgium has become a magnet for pioneering companies and institutions dedicated to advancing medical breakthroughs and healthcare solutions. The country's strategic location, coupled with a highly educated workforce, has positioned it as a hub for innovation, attracting global leaders and fostering the growth of homegrown enterprises.

As the industry expands, the demand for highly skilled professionals has skyrocketed. There's a growing need for talent with expertise in areas such as research and development, clinical trials, regulatory affairs, and data analytics.

This demand has not only given rise to exciting career opportunities for professionals in the Life Sciences sector but has also spurred the evolution of recruitment practices to meet the specific needs of this dynamic industry.

Our expertise

Our team of dedicated consultants possesses an in-depth understanding of the local market dynamics, ensuring that we can source, assess, and place candidates who not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our approach goes beyond traditional recruitment, because we adopt a unique and creative approach using innovative methods and tools.

Our comprehensive range of services includes headhunting, talent mapping, and consultancy, all geared towards ensuring that you have access to the best profiles in the industry. With a keen focus on quality and precision, we strive to be at the forefront of Life Science consulting, fostering growth, innovation, and success for both candidates and clients.


Our Life Science consulting and recruitment team

Our consultants specialize in recruiting talents for the Life Sciences sector in Belgium. We have proven expertise in identifying competent professionals for positions in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, medical devices, and biotechnology.

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We recruit on behalf of:

  • Pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical subcontractors
  • Medical device companies, medical instrumentation, medical equipment companies
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Food supplements companies
  • Welfare companies
  • Pharmaceutical distributors
  • Healthcare institutions (hospitals, clinics, EPHAD etc.)
  • Homecare providers
  • Dermo cosmetics, and nutrition companies
  • Cosmetics laboratories
  • Health/medical communication agencies
  • Chemical/parachemical industry
  • Veterinary and animal health industry
  • Health insurance companies
  • Occupational health services

Our references

Roles for which we recruit:


Medical Director, Scientific Director, Medical Operations Manager, Medical Science Liaison (MSL), Medical Affairs Manager, Medical Information Manager, …

Clinical Studies

Clinical Operations Manager, Pre-Clinical/Clinical Studies Manager, Clinical Trial Manager, Clinical Project Manager, …

Medical & Paramedical

Specialist Doctors and Surgeons, Occupational Health Physicians, Pharmacists, Operating Room Managers, Radiology Technicians, Nurses, Healthcare Managers, …

Quality & Regulatory Affairs

Director/Manager of Regulatory Affairs, Quality Control Manager, Quality Director, Quality Assurance Manager, Operational Excellence Manager, Quality System Manager, Quality Engineer, Quality Officer, …

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